NJCAA Cancels 2020 Spring Seasons

NJCAA Cancels 2020 Spring Seasons

"Today, I had the unfortunate responsibility of informing our coaching staff that the spring sports season had come to an end," said Athletic Director Sander Atkinson. 

At 1:00 pm Monday, the NJCAA made the announcement everyone had been dreading. "Following the recent recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the NJCAA has made the difficult decision to cancel all upcoming basketball championships as well as spring competition, effective immediately."  "Spring competition includes all practices, regular season, postseason, and national championship play."

Head baseball coach Dillon Sudduth said, "I certainly hurt for our players who have worked so hard and to have their season taken away is tough to process. We started playing a good brand of baseball the past couple of weeks and were looking forward to competing for a conference championship." Sudduth added, "We will finish the semester strong academically and move on to next year, but right now, it's just heartbreaking for our guys."

The NJCAA makes this announcement amid a tumultuous couple of days regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to read the entire NJCAA statement, please visit www.https://www.njcaa.org/COVID19 

In the past seven days, we have seen the NBA cancel the remainder of their season, and the NCAA cancel March Madness and all spring championships. Sander Atkinson said, "As the dominos started to fall with other leagues and organizations canceling games and seasons, we were afraid it was just a matter of time before it hit us."

Head men's golf coach Ronnie Key said, "Even though we kinda knew this was coming, its still a punch in the gut. The guys have worked hard, and we had started gaining momentum, especially from our sophomores." Key added, "I would love to think we will all stay together and start back up in the fall, but right now, there are too many variables."

Head softball coach Faith Robinson said, "This is a very emotional time, not just for the girls but for me as well. Every year I take on a new family, and this group was special. We don't know what the future holds for this group yet, but I know that this is going to be a group very hard to compete with; their faith, leadership, and work ethic are unmatched."

Meridian Community College is currently in an extended spring break, through March 20, 2020. During this time, our faculty are working towards transitioning traditional classes online. No decisions on closure past March 20 have been decided yet. Our coaches are continuing to reach out to recruits and ensure that when we come back, we will be our best. 

For all information related to Meridian Community College and the COVID-19 virus, please visit http://www.meridiancc.edu/mcccoronavirus/